Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pizza Night

When we got back from our trip RSlo and I decided to have a pizza night.  We bought a pizza stone at Target and got all the ingredients for pizza at Trader Joes. We each were responsible for a pizza and we put on music and made our pizzas.  It was fun to cook together and it was nice to be eating at home.  Before I took off on the trip I got a new oven so I was excited to be using it for our pizza.

RSlo making his bbq sauce 
Making my pizza- you can tell I was excited 
Rslo used to work in a pizzeria- he was showing off 
My finished product 
Rslo's pizza

The pizza's were delicious! Both had good flavors and we enough for lunch the next day.  After dinner we headed over to a friend's apartment for drinks and to see many of our friends we hadn't seen all summer.  It's been nice being back here in California!

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