Monday, February 15, 2010

Gone camping

So RSlo wanted to go camping for his birthday. I myself have never been big on the outdoors but since I have been with him I have been more open to doing activities outside because I know he really enjoys it. We've been kayaking, rock climbing, and camping once before, so I thought why not do it again?

We took off work on a Friday and packed up stuff up and made our way to a camp site about 30 minutes outside of where we live called Montana de Oro. I'd been there once before to walk around on the beach area and hadn't even realized that people camped there. Upon getting there we decided to take a hike and experience the area. The week before it had rained non stop for 7 days so it was amazing that we got a beautiful day to which we could explore the area.

Hiking that afternoon was incredible. I sometimes take for granted that I live in an amazingly beautiful place. That Friday the waves were huge and we would just watch them crash on the rocks or fold out further. The sound of the waves was also so soothing. We passed lots of hikers along the way who were also enamoured with the beautiful day and the amazing trail. RSlo had his fancy camera so we got to take some sweet shots. Once we got back from our hike we set up camp and then walked back to the beach to catch the sunsight which was breathtaking. It was nice to be in place where it was ok not to talk as much because you wanted to be present and take in all of the nature surrounding you. Here are some shots of our hike:

When we returned from our sunset excursion, it was time to make dinner! We decided to go with tin foil dinners, we had sweet potatoes, peppers, sausage, onions, all together and cooked into deliciousness. I helped cut up the veggies and then I sat by the fire and stayed toasty. I got him a camping Dutch oven for his bday so he was excited to use it for the first time to make cobbler. The cobbler was a bit crispier that he wanted since he was still getting the hang of using the coals and getting the oven work enough to cook up the cobbler. But he was excited to get to use it. Once we made dinner and spent some quality time around the fire, we packed up all of our stuff so that he racoons wouldn't get to it and got into our tent just in time for the rain to start. The tent was waterproof but it was cool to hear the rain fall on the tent. Our sleeping bags kept us nice and warm and in the morning we woke up and got started on a nice breakfast. We lounged for a bit and then packed up and went home. All and all it was a fun camping experience and a great way to celebrate a birthday!

Check out my cool head light!
Started the fire by himself
Time for sleeps

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