Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day about love...

Another Valentines Day has come and gone...

Some people hate the holiday, they believe it's just an excuse for card and flower companies to make a killing off of people's emotions. Other people love the holiday and the idea that you get one more day to appreciate and value the people you love. I've always been in the middle about the day, when I was single I didn't feel slighted or upset that no one was buying me a gift and now with having a partner we usually treat it just like any other day. Last year we were doing a weight loss challenge and the loser had to pay for dinner on V-day at one of our favorite restaurants in San Luis. This year we actually didn't celebrate on the day, RSlo was taking a class all day so we went to dinner the Thursday before and then hung out with several of our good friends. I ended up spending Valentines at a winery with one of my friends Kristy, we tasted some awesome wines, ate lunch outside overlooking vineyards and overall had a lovely time. That evening when RSlo was done with his class we went to a bbq joint and shared a Valentines day dinner of tri tip and burgers. We ended the evening watching the movie Paper Heart, which was a cute movie about love that we both enjoyed. This has probably been my favorite Valentines day, there was no build up, no need for grandiose shows of affection, just spending time with people are important to me and taking a moment to experience a beautiful day, and making the most of my quality time.


  1. I think the holiday is overrated. (just like all the other ones) But i appreciate teh opportunity to sit back and tell myself how much I love me and those who surround me.

  2. I agree, particularly with the loving yourself part, the older I've gotten the more I remind myself about that regularly. I got to read some of your blog posts and I love the insight you bring!