Monday, July 12, 2010


I am like a kid waiting for Santa to bring presents...I am quite excited for my travel adventure to begin!

For the last couple of weeks lazy isn't even the word to explain me.  I get up late, watch a lot of television, only shower when absolutely necessary (i.e. when I am leaving my apartment for more than a couple of hours).  I've been reading books, spending time with my friends and just enjoying myself.  I feel the way I used to when I had summer vacation in grade school: no obligations, responsibilities, just enjoying the summer.

This Saturday I am leaving for Boston and spending 4 days there visiting friends, then it's off to NYC and then  Indiana and finally the exciting road trip begins.  Today RSlo and I spent a couple of hours on Skype (such an amazing thing technology is) finalizing our road trip plans.  We booked hotels, looked at maps, made arrangements with friends, and now are pretty much set on this trip.  I'm really excited as I have never done anything like this before.  It is also pretty nice that most of the places that we are visiting will be new places for both RSlo and I.  I will try and blog about the places we visit and all the funs things we experience.

The other thing I will continue to keep you posted on is my running.  I am in Week 3 of my training schedule.  It took me a while to get motivated to start running,  and now I am in more of a routine.  I was pretty proud of my myself that I started day one with a 5 mile run and successfully completed it! Don't get me wrong I had some trouble walking for the next couple of days because I was sore, but the more I ran the less sore I was.  I am also really fortunate to have a few friends to run with that keep my runs interesting.  All in all I feel positive and motivated and dare I even say excited about this race.


  1. I'm looking forward to it too! Hadn't planned on getting to do as much in Memphis as we will be so that's exciting.

  2. you two are adorable. Keep up the good work with the running and most definitely enjoy the traveling.

    Oh to be carefree again