Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Home

Monday was the big day. It was my last day at my job and then RSlo and I packed up my stuff and took off. I had given a lot of thought to what it would it feel like to say goodbye to my coworkers, they were so wonderful and supportive when I made the decision to to move on. I was thrown a really fun pool party, and they put together a wonderful scrap book for me filled with inside jokes, pictures, and well wishes, so my last day was definitely very emotional. I was reminded of the year and all that I had learned and how much I have grown since I moved to San Jose.

I had given so much thought to what it would be like to say my goodbyes and leave San Jose, however I hadn't thought about what it would be like to be in a new place. I spent Tuesday unpacking all of my stuff (there are way too many boxes), and getting accustomed to this big change. I realized that in a couple of days I will be meeting new people and creating new relationships and that this is definitely the beginning of a new chapter. The best part of the day was at 5 pm when RSlo got off of work and we had dinner together. He cooked a great meal and it was nice to eat together, we didn't really have much to talk about since we had seen each other most of the day, but I wanted to appreciate the moment since I also know what it feels like to not have that time together. Our fun was short lived as I headed to the airport Tuesday evening to catch my flight back to NYC, but I can't wait to be back, unpack all of my stuff and get settled.

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