Friday, August 21, 2009

Chef Hamlett

Trout from Cafe Claude in San Francisco

I have decided to dedicate myself to becoming a better cook and baker! 

I LOVE food.  I really enjoy eating at great restaurants but in this dismal economy, eating out was one of the first things I decided to give up in an effort to be more financially responsible. Because of that I decided that I should motivate myself to become a better cook.  While I was home in NYC I rummaged through all of my mom's old cooking magazines and took the recipes that I thought would be cool, and put them my new cooking binder.  I have also acquired a brand new food processor thanks to my mom, which no doubt will be used to slice, dice, and mince new and fun ingredients.  

My dream is to become one of those cooks that can sprinkle a little of this and a touch of that and voilla!  I have an amazing dish. However, I am taking baby steps and will start using the recipes that I have in my binder, and maybe borrowing some cookbooks from the library.  There is a great farmers market in San Luis on Thursday evenings that I will utilize for great fresh products and  I'll chronicle my dishes and let you know how they turn out.  Here's to not burning down my kitchen! 

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  1. I love it! Can't wait to come over to the West Coast and try some of that food!