Friday, August 21, 2009


So much has happened in the past couple of weeks! 

I had a great time going home.  Going home is always a mixture of stress, happiness, comfort, and love.  There is an urgent need to want to see all my friends, spend time with my family, and spend time alone.    From hanging in candy shops with college friends, to dinners and updates with best friends, to shopping time with my mom, I had a really great trip and I was happy to be back in my hometown.

By the time my trip was over I was very ready to return to my new home and unpack and get settled.  The chaos of boxes and stuff everywhere in my apartment was definitely overwhelming and challenging and I just wanted to be done.   It took me a few days but I was able to put everything in its place and I am currently blogging in my living room  and loving my apartment!

 The other big part about setting up in a new place is meeting new people.  In the past few years I have become a lot more introverted and shy, so meeting new people is stressful and sometimes overwhelming.  Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten the opportunity to get to know my new coworkers in both work and social settings.  This has been quite an experience! Everyone is so different and brings different qualities to the table.  It's been fun hearing their stories and little by little letting them get to know me and my story.  I think it's been about two weeks now and I would say I am starting to warm up to people and the fun, sassy side of Alana is beginning to show.  I am always a work in progress so being in big group settings will always be a little weird and uncomfortable for me, but the people here are great and I think this will be a really fun year socially and professionally.  

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