Thursday, July 23, 2009


So I am running my first half marathon on Sunday. Prior to training for this race, the most running I had ever done was for a bus or any sort of public transportation. My friends would make fun of me because when I would run, it would be on my toes and hardly looked like a run at all. However running a race has always been something on my bucket list, so there happened to be one taking place at the end of July in San Francisco. The best part of it is that I'll get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge which if you've ever seen it in person is a sight and amazingly long. While I have had to work on my motivation throughout my training period, the one thing I have loved about running has been how I can clear my mind and my thoughts while I run. I leave all of my stress, drama, and worry behind and focus on the task at hand: getting from point a to point b. I smile at the people I pass by, I cross the street so dogs won't chase me, I appreciate the wind when a cool breeze comes along, running has been cathartic and a great workout. While I am absolutely nervous to be running 13.2 miles on Sunday, I am relived to have an amazing running partner. My bf who I lovingly refer to as RSlo will be running alongside me and will serve as my motivator. Our motto for the race is the following:

"when we get tired we'll walk and when we get thirsty we'll drink. We're not going to run each other into the ground. And if we're in bad shape we'll say f*** it, and find a breakfast place along the route so we can watch all of the other poor schmucks slog through it."

I think I can handle that...

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