Monday, December 6, 2010

Hibernating for the Winter

The time is approaching for me to make my yearly pilgrimage back to the cold, snowy, wintery East Coast for the Holidays.  I'll be in NYC for a week and then Indiana for 5 days.  Being in California for 3 years my body has become wimpy and can't stand the cold, so for most of my time East I spend my days curled up in pajamas reading.  I am very selective about where I go and what I do when I venture out into the chilly weather but I do spend a lot of time catching up on my reading which I love.  With the addition of my Kindle I imagine that I will power through several books while staying warm and toasty inside.  Here is my list of books thus far:

  1. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins- I'm currently reading the Hunger Games which is the first book and I am already hooked! This will be book 2 of the 3 book series and I bet I will get through this one and Mockingjay which is the final book 
  2. My Life in France by Julia Child- The captivating story of Julia Child’s years in France, where she fell in love with French food and found her true calling. I love French food and am dying to go to France so this book should hold me over for a while until I save enough money. 
  3. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood- This was the book for my last book club meeting and I didn't really even start it so I am going to sit down and finish it.   
Any other suggestions???


  1. 1. Finish all of the Hunger Games--get Mockingjay too! :)
    2. Sounds good!
    3. To be honest...I'd skip it. :) the most interesting part was the discussion we had at book club, and you've already missed that.
    4. i really wish you liked girl with a dragon tattoo. i LOVED that trilogy. maybe give it another try?
    5. did you ever read Zeitoun?
    6. also, here's a list of books that i put on my christmas list, not sure if you've read any of them or want to check them out...
    --room by emma donoghue
    --the particular sadness of lemon cake by aimee bender
    --saving max by antoinette van heugten
    --her fearful symmetry by audrey niffenegger (she also wrote the time traveler's wife--so good!)
    --an object of beauty by steve martin (all of steve martin's books are good, especially shopgirl!)

  2. Finished Hunger Games last night and starting Catching Fire tonight and I already have Mockingjay downloaded as well.

    Read Zeitoun and loved it but it also made me very angry!

    I think I'll give Girl with a Dragon tattoo another try, I only got one chapter in so I didn't give it a fair shot.

    I didn't realize that Steve Martin had written any books so I will have to download object of beauty and shopgirl!

    I read so much more with my Kindle and I used to read a lot before!