Friday, May 7, 2010

Road Trip

Summer plans are slowly coming together! Here's what we've pieced together thus far:

End of June- Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks (no dates set just yet and no real plan of how long we will spend there) we end this part of the trip with RSlo going off doing some backpacking trips, and me heading back to SLO. 

July 18-22 Boston! I haven't been back to Boston in ages, but summer is my favorite time to visit (there's no snow on the ground then), and I'll be hanging with my good friend Lauren!

July 22-27 NYC! RSlo and I will be meeting up in NYC mainly to attend the engagement party of two of my good friends from college, but we will also be going to a Yankee game (we'll get to see the new stadium!), and just enjoying being in the city in the summer, which is something we've never been able to do together.

July 28- Trip back to California begins.  So far we know we will hit Indiana, (which always means a trip back to our alma mater IU) and Nashville, but there is some talk of going further south and maybe getting to Louisiana.  It'll be touch and go but either way I'm excited. Work begins again on August 12 so we'll have more than enough time to get back before then. 

Right now I am just counting down the days until students will be moving out!


  1. south to atlanta,ga...wimbley's will host you...but can you cook one of your fancy meals, if i buy the ingredients:)

  2. Dear Alana,

    Thank You for entering the Bake Up Summer Sweets Contest. I hope you are given the opportunity to own a new KitchenAid mixer so you can whip up your coconut cupcake recipe with ease.
    Thank You and Good Luck!
    The Beso Team